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Native Americans

Beginning Activity

What we know about Michigan

1. Students use inspiration to create a web about everything they know about Michigan.
2. Have students export their inspiration projects as a JPEG.
3. Have students put their inspiration images into their Digital Backpack.

Unit 1 Travel Brochures

Michigan Cities


Michigan! Lesson 1.1
1. You and your partners will be learning about one of the following topics:
  • Forming the Land
  • Lakes and Rivers
  • The Ecosystem
2. Complete the matching section on your worksheet as you learn about your topic. Be sure your answers are clear and complete. DO NOT COPY the sentences out the the textbook. Use your own words to describe your topic.
3. Have your answers checked by your teacher.
4. Once you have an approved set of answers, you may post your answers to the Moodle.

Michigan! Lesson 1.2

1. With your partner(s), view the Powerpoint Presentation below about the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan.
Michigan's Upper and Lower Peninsulas
2. On the worksheet provided, fill in the important information you learned in each of the sections.
3. When you are finished, circle the information in each section that is the SAME for both the Upper and Lower Peninsulas.
4. Next, fill in the Venn Diagram with the information you learned. The circled items will go in the middle, and the other information will go either in the Upper Peninsula circle or the Lower Peninsula Circle.
5. Turn in your work.

Michigan! Lesson 1.3

1. As a group, view the following Powerpoint presentation about Climate.
Climate Power Pointexternal image msword.png Climate worksheet.doc
2. Answer the questions on your Climate worksheet.
3. Next, use the photographs and diagrams on the following sites to learn about "Lake Effect Snow."
Lake Effect Snow
NOAA- Lake Effect Snow
Lake Effect Snow- Storm Report
4. On your worksheet, explain why the areas to the east of a Great Lake will get more snow than the areas to the west of a Great Lake.

All About Michigan

Michigan Regions Venn Diagram

Map of Great Lakes Region

Michigan Maps

Michigan Geography

Michigan Atlas

Fact Finder